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Trial of Valor, Karazhan, and Nighthold, Oh My!

by TriZARAtops, 218 days ago

New raids, the Brawler's Guild has returned, Karazhan is back, there's a shit ton of class changes and tweaks, hunters are crying, new quests, all kinds of shit. Just... for fuck's sake read some shit on Wowhead or something.

Also raid strategy videos have been posted in the forums here and here, as well as the raid release schedule for the upcoming Nighthold, here.

Please don't forget to check out the Game Tools page (also linked on the top navigation bar) and all of the wonderful websites listed there, which are maintained and updated by people who have way more time and many, many more fucks to give than me.

Also 7.2 is going to have flying so you'd better finish up Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One. And Wowhead even has this super-nifty Flying Tool which can track what all you still need to complete, since basically the entire achievement is nothing but metas.

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New Voice & Chat Service

by TriZARAtops, 329 days ago

We've switched from Ventrilo to Discord. Simply create an account, and then go to the address in the guild info/guild Message of the Day in-game. You can use the server via your web browser of choice or download the desktop app.

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Strat Video Update

by TriZARAtops, 329 days ago

The Emerald Nightmare strategy videos have been updated from Legion Alpha videos to guides from live realms. The first wing of LFR as well as Mythic difficulty unlocked today, so please check the fights out here.

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